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Sunday 15 June 2014

Reuben Woolley

elemental unbalance

no rain
these bones 're dry
& hollow . shake 'em
for luck , shake 'em
for blood . ain't no
glory in this
land . fires
on the mountain . hot
winds through parched
valleys . no cum
no more . no sweet juice
for life . only welding
plates for automatons

they don't breathe


elemental harvest

collections of bones
give structure to blood . flesh
is an aggregate . no constant
factor & breathing
brings sparks like
fingers in sockets , lightning
in dead bodies . will this
monster obey ? or will they come
with bell & candle
sword & sickle
to make a final harvest

a final burning


elemental times

all these crowded lines
of time , withered
& diminished
at each old moon . this
unglorious scree of pagan
flights looking
for a curse . this
de-constructed image

empty . limping away
false angler , bastard
king , certain members
less . I shall be nothing
in the aether . shall not
know you

it goes . it comes


elemental games

we take this body , this
passive solid &
change . we play
with fluids , piss
and plasma pump . we
breathe & rise , generate
sparks . 're just brief
dots in energy
dark expansion
until the dark


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