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Wednesday 18 June 2014

Elaine Woo

Word Babies

skin aflame    in dire need of dousing
needles lodged in pores       head a thrumming drum
emerging from the canal
out slide you and a swarm of siblings
a throng of reading witnesses    nodding their heads
newborn cells resurface injured building blocks
sinews unclench


silhouette clutches hope
love ache routed asunder
song punctures    needle and thread the mind
lamp's glow      picked in slowfoot stitches
an exit gets recorded


The tide retracts revealing a fair-haired boy
thorns embedded in his face
a gun poised--his
lips rat-a-tat at me
I net his bullets in my palms
melt them into lead for my poems

Elaine Woo's first poetry collection is forthcoming from Nightwood Editions (Gibsons, BC, Canada) in Fall 2014.


  1. Elegantly alarming images; each a frame spliced from a reel.

  2. Thank you, mpcAstro! Much appreciated.